We are a pet family. We have always welcomed animals into our home. So when my kids decided they wanted pets of their own, We didn’t think twice. What happened next was a wonderful surprise.

The beginning

Let’s start from the beginning, My daughter, who has been researching snakes religiously over the past few years, I mean, seriously, You know those educational programs you can sign up for in your area? My daughter could run one of those about snakes. The knowledge she holds when it pertains to snakes is vast. Okay, I’m one proud mom, but this isn’t me exaggerating because…

We’ve all heard it before, the baby of the family is spoiled, but are they?

Being a mother of three, I’ve started to wonder if I do, in fact, show favoritism with my youngest, not that it’s blatantly obvious or even at all. But I worry I never wanted to be the mom who played favorites.

So I started asking myself, am I do this? And if so, why?
The answers? It appears at times, I do, and here’s why.

He’s my last. Pure and simple. I know he will be the last child I raise, and part of me…

Now that you’ve heard how my daughter got her first pet, here’s my youngest son’s story.

To tell this story, you had to know about my daughter and her snake(s). The first snake we bought my daughter refused to eat. In our quest to help him, we found multiple ways to do this, one of which was to feed a live pinkie mouse. Something about feeding live gets a snake’s instinctual nature to kick in. Well, ours did not. We had a pinkie mouse with no mom, and if you didn’t know by now. We are BIG time animal lovers…

The articles I’ve been seeing lately relating to dogs make me laugh and annoy me. The new trend seems to be telling dog owners what they’re doing to annoy their dogs and why they should stop… Does anyone else kind of find this ridiculous?

Our sweet old man buddy boy

Sure my dogs might not like it when I fake throw their toy, but I don’t enjoy being awoken to big slobbery kisses every morning. Sometimes I like to sleep in! My dogs do not care. My girl Kira also has no problem grabbing a toy and playing keep away from me, running all around the…

Destiny Allen

A mother trying her best to make a difference in this wonderfully chaotic world.

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